Prime Camera Rental Policies

Rental Periods and Charges
  • The minimum rental period is one day. All rental charges start the day of pick-up, and continue until all equipment is returned to Prime Camera.
  • Hours of operation for Prime Camera are as follows: 9am-6pm Monday through Friday, 10am-3pm Saturdays, and Closed on Sundays. Equipment must be picked up one hour before store closing.  Anyone attempting to pick up after that time may be turned away.  Equipment must return by 3pm on day of return. All late fees are equal to one day rental of the equipment.  Equipment returned after 3pm may be charged a late fee. Additional late fee charges will be applied daily at 10am for every day the equipment is not returned.
  • A 50% authorized credit card fund deposit is required if one of the following applies:
    • Rental orders where total retail value is higher than $3,000
    • Rental equipment is deemed “popular”
    • You are a first time renter
  • If equipment is past due and we have made several attempts to contact you for return with no response, we will process the 50% deposit until you return the rental equipment; at which time, we may refund the deposit and charge applicable late fees depending on the condition of the returned equipment.
  • For rental orders longer than 7 days, we will require 100% deposit for the total retail value of the order at the time of rental. We will refund deposit if rentals are returned on time and in good condition; otherwise, refund will be issued net of late charges and fees associated with equipment condition.
  • Rental charges may be applied to equipment purchases only under certain circumstances AND only if approved by Prime Camera management.
  • Prime Camera is not liable for any loss of revenue, or any other inconvenience, which may result from unexpected unavailability of equipment that has been reserved by the customer.
  • Any deposit made on a reservation that is not picked up by the reservation date and time is forfeit and will not be applied to future rentals or reservations.
  • Paying for a rental ahead of time does not mean that it can be picked up after the rental department closes, one hour before store closing time.
Penalties and Fees:
  • A fee may be charged for cancelling all or part of any rental order. This fee will vary depending on the specific circumstances and the equipment involved.
  • Failure to cancel an order may also result in a “No Call / No Show” herein referred to as NC/NS. Each NC/NS stays in the customer account for six months.  If at any time, the customer has three NC/NS under their name, they will be refused the ability to create a reservation for six months from the latest offense. The customer will still be able to rent if the equipment is available when they physically enter the store.
  • Consistent late returns may also result in penalties on the customer including account deactivation.
Payment and Credit Terms:
  • All rentals must be paid by the time of pick-up with a valid credit card. Cash, debit cards, checks or other forms will not be accepted for any rental transactions.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID must be presented at the time of pick-up with the name of the account holder or a person approved for pick-up by the account holder in advance. Valid IDs include state driver’s licenses and passports. Any other form of ID will need to be approved by a Manager.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the proper use and care of each item of rented equipment. Prime Camera is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage, directly or consequently, arising out of the use or inability to use the equipment, whether used singularly or in connection with any other equipment.  Equipment that operates normally when returned will be deemed to have been in proper operating condition during the entire rental period.
  • The customer must, at his/her expense, protect and keep in good state of condition and repair, the rented equipment. The customer must not use or operate the equipment other than in a manner, and for the use, intended by the manufacturer thereof; and must return the same equipment to Prime Camera upon termination of the rental period, in the same condition and good order as when received. Ordinary wear and tear is exempted.  Prime Camera shall have the sole discretion to determine if, and to what extent, equipment has been damaged.
  • The customer must reimburse Prime Camera for the full cost of repairs for rental equipment that is returned damaged or broken by any cause whatsoever, whether due to the customer’s fault or not. For rental equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged beyond reasonable repair, the customer must reimburse Prime Camera for the full replacement value of each item.  The customer may be required to further compensate Prime Camera in rental charges for any time lost as a result of replacement or repair of any equipment damaged or not returned.
  • The cost of any insurance coverage, or other protection against damage and/or loss of equipment rented from Prime Camera are the sole responsibility of the customer. Prime Camera shall require production insurance covering the full value of the rented equipment plus 15% on all rental orders with a retail value of more than $5,000.  Customer must add Prime Camera as loss payee on all insurance policies.
  • The title and ownership of all rented equipment shall remain with Prime Camera at all times (excepting rental stock handled on a rent-thru basis). The customer may not remove rented equipment from the Continental United States without prior written permission from Prime Camera management, and agreement to any special terms included in said written permission.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions set forth by this rental agreement. If, at any time, the customer cannot provide any required piece of information, they will not be allowed to rent until they can.